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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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up. east bay policeman robbed of his own guns. the brazen burglary and why the officer gave chase and then gave up. >> if anyone could straighten out the terrible problem that oakland has, he can. >> oakland calls in reinforcements. the tough cop they've hired as a consultant and what he plans to do right away to get a handle on crime. >> my own mom had christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. >> the bay area's newly elected congressman getting plenty of advice on his way to washington. what he says he can teach the old guard about compromise. >> new at 10, a police officer arrives home to find he's become a crime victim. three burglars caught in the act of stealing the policeman's guns. christin ayers on what happened next. >> reporter: police say
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burglaries in this area have become so widespread that even cops have become targets. >> we do have a lot of law enforcement folks that live in our city. they are the victims of burglaries. >> reporter: most recently last night. three burglars already ransacking a police officer ice home here in southeast ann tee job when the officer came home. >> interrupted the burglary and three subjects fled out of the back of the home. >> reporter: the officer chased them but was forced to stop when they fired a warning shot in the air. months ago an officer who lived in brentwood shot and injured a suspected burglar. it did not appear the officer in yesterday's burglary was targeted. >> it appears to be completely random. like many cities in the bay areas, residential burglaries are on the rise and have been. >> reporter: a helicopter and search dogs could not locate
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the suspects. authorities have only a vague description of the three men. however they were able to recover some of that stolen property dropped during the chase. >> we're following a developing story in the east bay. police are investigating a shooting at the bay point bart station. they got their first call just before 7:00 tonight and found a victim in the parking lot. he was taken to the hospital in walnut creek with life threatening injuries. bart police haven't released any information on the victim or possible suspects. the shooting and investigation caused delays. >> even its leaders admit crime in oakland is out of control. but tonight help is on the way. a former big city police chief has been hired to help offer the city some solutions. linda yee on the man with coast to coast credibility. >> reporter: 127 homicides in
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oakland so far this year. some people are afraid to just go out. >> i work in east oakland and it's really scary going to work and coming out every day. >> reporter: the mayor and the police chief agree crime is out of control. >> we have to try something different. >> reporter: that comes in the form after $250,000 consultant to the police department. legendary lawman bill bratton. he's the former new york police commissioner and los angeles police chief who drastically reduced crime. >> if anyone can straighten out the terrible problems that oakland has with the police, he. >> reporter: former san jose police chief says bratton is known for being tough on crime and gangs and is a genius in getting the community to work with police. >> previous two working very hard from the outside left and say he didn't get the kind of support he needed to do the
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job. and i think this is a sign that they're willing to give someone who is competent that kind of support. >> reporter: chief jordan will take a -- reimplement policing. but he'll start with dividing east oakland into two districts. >> we build trust and cold the captains and his command officers responsible for the knowing of our crimes, addressing crimes. >> reporter: some residents say bringing in a new consultant isn't the only solution. >> it might tamp some of it down. it won't make anybody's lives better. i live in the rolling 20s. there are a miserable people there. they have no hope and no money. >> reporter: some say oakland has to look at social issues too. more jobs, better wages can go a long way. bill bratton is nobody for
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improving police morale. he will start working with the department early next year. >> thanks. >> some hope for talks on the fiscal cliff. with just five days until the country tumbles into automatic tax hikes and spending cuts the president has scheduled a meeting. danielle nottingham on the efforts. >> reporter: top congressional leaders are expected to meet with president obama at the white house friday. this would be the group's first face to face meeting since november 16th and a last minute chance to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. if no deal is reached taxes will go up for nearly every american and harsh spending cuts will kick in on january 1st. senators reconvened on thursday with tension spilling over on to the floor. >> speaker boehner is unwilling to negotiate. there's nothing happening.
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>> the phone never rang and so now here we are five days from the new year and we might finally start talking. >> reporter: senate majority lyddite harry reid skewered house speaker john boehner, charging he's more interested in his leadership position than in bipartisan legislation. >> the speaker's number one goal is to get elected speaker on january 3rd. >> reporter: the two sides are at odds over tax cuts and spending. republicans say it's up to the democraticly controlled stat and white house to reach an agreement. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check or anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: members of the house were told to come back to washington sunday evening. they would have a little more than 24 hours to vote on a measure to avoid the fiscal cliff. danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news washington. >> a former bay area city
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councilman is about to learn firsthand how washington works or doesn't. he's a newly elected congressman and heading into a capitol hill quagmire. how the representative elect plans to help fix our fiscal ills. >> you're the freshman walking in. >> i'm ready to act. >> reporter: 31-year-old newly elected democratic congressman says if the 112th congress can't figure out the fiscal cliff. >> it is avoidable. >> reporter: he's ready to bring some small town solutions to capitol hill. so you really think you can take the city politics to washington and it's going to work? >> it's about personal relationships, trust, working together for the people who elected you. >> reporter: he was a dublin city councilman and said he had to work with republicans in order to pass a city budget. he says it's the same kind of compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm confident there can be a
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buzzer beater where we can beat the clock and deliver. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings entering this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> exciting. >> reporter: you're excited? >> i'm excited. >> reporter: this is doomsday. >> but i'm confident that congress will see the will of the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. she is following just like other americans what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect says his new office in dc won't be much bigger, butt responsibilities monumental. his message? >> mom, i'm working for you. i'm receiving your text messages. and i'm going to make sure i stand up for you and the people who i grew up with. >> reporter: he will be the second youngest member of congress when he's sworn in january 3rd. he leaves this sunday for
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washington, d.c. to pick up his new keys to his office. in dublin, juliette goodrich. >> walnut creek police are investigating a fatal officer- involved shooting. police got a 911 call from a screaming woman around 3:00 a.m. they say they were confronted by an armed man. they would not say what weapon he had. officers fired. it was walnut creek's first shooting death of the year and the first officer-involved shooting since 2001. an armed robbery of a 7-11 is caught on camera. two men pulled out a handgun sunday when the store clerk opened cash register. no word on how much money they got. this is one of two armed robberies to happen within minutes of each other. and a portion of a cliff collapsed at baker beach in san francisco this morning. one of the trails is now
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closed. the collapse is likely the result of all the rain we've had the past couple of weeks. >> parents caught in the middle of a political mandate. >> and this is the country that we have set up for our son. >> the sudden announcement that could end hopes of adoption for thousands of families. >> we have more pedestrian crashes than cities like chicago, seattle and boston. >> and driven to distraction. the danger pedestrians and drivers face navigating one of the bay area's busiest cities. >> at least weather isn't a problem tonight. all the rain has dried up today. looks like we have a fairly nice night ahead. it's going to stay that way for a while. forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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his temper earned him the nickname stormin norman. we learned that norman schwarzkopf died today in tampa, florida. he spent his life in the military. in vietnam he famously led his men through a mine field by having the mines marked with shaving cream. he's best known for commanding the american-led coalition in the first iraq war. norman schwarzkopf was 78. >> heartbreaking news for parents hoping to adopt russian orphans. the country's president announced he will sign a law banning such adoptions. grace lee on the youngest victims of this international tug of war. >> our children are very much excited to having a baby brother. we set up his room together.
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>> reporter: the family spent the holidays with their two biological children, nathan and cameron. and their adopted daughter. they shot video when they brought her home from siberia two years ago. they were hoping for another addition to their family from russia in the coming year. >> this is the crib we have. >> reporter: they are just one of hundreds that have been caught in an international political showdown. president vladimir putin plans to sign the ban on adoptions to the u.s. this was russia's response to president obama's anticorruption law. it denies russian officials from getting u.s. visas if they were associated with human rights violations. >> it's tragic these children are potentially going to fall victim to senseless politics. >> reporter: the national
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council for adoption says with 700,000 russian orphans the kids are the ones caught in this political web. >> most of them have been matched with children. they consider these children part of their family already. they've introduced them via pictures and other methods to their siblings here in the united states. and it's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: a heartbreak that could become a reality that can do nothing but wait, watch and hope. >> we're the fong family. we want to provide a home to at least one boy from russia. and we have a home, we have a loving family. we're hoping that all this can move forward and this will be the last christmas he's alone. >> reporter: in reference to this ban, the u.s. state department spokesman said quote, it is misguided to have the fate of children -- 60,000 russian children have been
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adopted into american homes in the past two decades. if this ban is signed into law t could affect thousands more. >> the holidays put all of us in more of a hurry. advice to everyone tonight. slow down. why one bay area city launched a campaign to keep pedestrians safe. >> reporter: off the curb and you take your life in your hands. the cars and trucks, bicycles and bikes. >> it's dangerous. >> reporter: the search almost one in three pedestrians is distracted by mobile devices and texting is particularly risky. they took 18% longer to cross the intersection and were four times more likely to ignore the lights. >> i've seen people almost get run over. >> reporter: it's no laughing
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matter, especially in san francisco, one of the worst cities for pedestrians in the country. >> we have more pedestrian crashes than cities like chicago, seattle and boston. >> reporter: as chief of surgery, dr. peggy sees pedestrian injuries almost every day. >> if you're an adult the way you're struck by cars, likely to have pelvic fractures, rib fractures. if you're a child you're going to get tossed. >> reporter: in san francisco two pedestrians are hit on average every single day. with 17 deaths each year. costing the public more than $15 million. it's got the attention of mayor ed lee. >> we pick this day and this time and this area to make this announcement that we have a pedestrian strategy that's going on, a serious one. >> reporter: a citywide effort targeting hot spots, urging
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drivers to slow down and pedestrians to pay attention. a challenge when some feel texting is just not that dangerous. >> not if you're with a group of people. >> slow down so when you're walking in a crosswalk and driving on city streets. slow down do enjoy this gorgeous weather. >> except outside tonight. >> it's a little cold. but at least it's not raining. >> today was beautiful. and in fact it is so nice we can show you the moon about, four hours before absolute full moon. looks close enough by that shot. just gorgeous. there's the planet jupiter. not far away the eye of the bull. lot of things to see in the sky tonight. you will have to bundle up. 40 degrees at concord. santa rosa, 38. surf will be up to 20 feet. big breakers out there. clear and cold tonight with a
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few showers late friday. not going to amount to much at all, if anything. clearing by saturday afternoon. so after a brief little flirtation with a little low pressure center offshore, that'll be it. most of tomorrow is dry. high clouds in advance of that system. we'll increase clouds at the airport. this should not be a factor for flights. patchy, dense fog around. some snow at chicago. 32 degrees but sunshine at denver. new york will be overcast. 37. santa rosa, freezing. san francisco's overnight low 44. in san jose, 36 degrees. mid50s for everybody tomorrow. 51 at napa. extended forecast. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. the temperatures will follow suit. mid50s for the most part. just a little dose of showers possibly coming in late in the
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day tomorrow. it may not even happen. and it won't amount to much. by saturday afternoon we'll clear it off. look at the rest of the week. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we've dried out and we'll get sunshine. there's your forecast. i know sports is ahead. we'll do that after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an l.a. area pet is reunited with its owner after being dog napped and held for ran some many. they got out of their owners home yesterday through an open gate. a neighbor was able to grab the german shepherd. >> my dog was out in the yard and someone snatched him. a car came by, a white car and before we could get to him the guy grabbed him and took off. >> about 10 minutes later she got a call from a blocked number. it was a man demanding money for the pom rainian. the next day he turned up at a nearby petco. employees say he wrote down a phone number.
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police are trying to track the man down. >> more people entering the market for a new home and the timing couldn't be better for the place you're about to tour. inside a mansion. >> reporter: it's one of the finest homes in the country and quite possibly one of the finest new homes in the world. and this sunday it will be sold at auction. meet olivia decker, realtor to the stars. if you have the money, then in her eyes you're a star. >> i call it the virgin home. no one has lived here yet. >> reporter: incredible world class views from just about every room. the deck is over 5000 square feet. the master suite opens out to the golden gate bridge. the entire city looks close enough to touch. and of course there's a home
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theater, wine cellar and private pool complete with art. this beauty has brains too. half dozen wall mounted ipads control light, temperatures and security cameras. one big question. there's an old saying that says if you have to ask how much it costs you can't afford it. well clearly i can't afford it, so i'm asking. a luxury home auction consultant is working with olivia. >> it's opened to registered bidders only. you need a $300,000 cashiers check. >> reporter: that only gets you in the door. the starting bid will be $25 million. it's believed the price will top $45 million. >> wow. tomorrow san francisco muni is throwing a birthday party. the transit agency is celebrating 100 years by offering free rides all day on all vehicles.
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the free ride last through 5:00 a.m. on saturday. beware, they're running on a holiday schedule this week. >> up next both the 49 earns and raiders are hurting. and what a turn around story for san jose state spartan football. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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11 games... ...had not happened sinc 72 years ago san jose state football went out and won 11 games. has not happened since until today. we're on the clock. that's ken bayer. spartans interim head coach. leading the men to the military
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bowl. quarterback, not very well. he hit kyle nun. touchdown 7-0 san jose. bowling green by one. little pass. chandler jones. doing it. spartans in front by 6. fourth quarter. bowling green got a score. falcons back up by one. 10:30 left. time enough for the spartans to get a field goal and score again within that's it. san jose state wins 29-20. finishing 11-2. 49ers announced justin smith has a bone spur. he was injured against new england a couple of sundays ago. his status is unknown for the playoffs. seymour with hamstring problems. he's missed the last seven games as the beat goes on with the oakland raiders and it is mercifully over for them on
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hundred dollar. ,,,,,,,,
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